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Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

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    Gore Gore Girls, The (1972)

    At age twenty, The Kinks’ “I’m On An Island” was my defining mid-60s jam. The song bookended a 90 minute “KOOL KINKS” Maxell mixtape that I made, and I even recorded…

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    Jimmy, The Boy Wonder (1966)

    Hoorah! Jimmy saved the world! Saved it from the evil Mr. Fig! And, it only involved a bit of walking around aimlessly through parks in Miami with a nice lady named…

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    Legs Cut Off! An Interview With H.G. Lewis

    The Godfather of Gore and the Stepdad of Strange. That’s Hershell Gordon Lewis, a man who revolutionized the motion picture industry before become a very successful figure in the world of…

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    Gruesome Twosome, The (1968)

    Herschell Gordon Lewis was the first filmmaker on earth to show audiences what happens when a tongue is ripped out of a face. So he’s basically a great humanitarian. From Boin-n-g…

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    Something Weird (1967)

    By 1967, Herschell Gordon Lewis had cemented his reputation as a guts-squishing, scalp-splitting, tongue-ripping exploitation pioneer. From Blood Feast to A Taste Of Blood, Lewis practically trademarked the art of the…