Making the world safe for DIY horror and exploitation since 2004.

BLEEDING SKULL! was launched on January 4, 2004 by Joseph A. Ziemba. The intent was simple: to share a passion for obscure trash-horror films and honor the filmmakers behind them. From reviews of Doris Wishman’s A Night to Dismember and Chester Turner’s Tales From The Quadead Zone to articles lauding Dracula, The Dirty Old Man, BLEEDING SKULL! seeks to unearth no-budget horror and exploitation films and foster an appreciation for what they really are: triumphs of unfettered ambition and creativity. These movies defy logic and beautifully destroy everything we know about filmmaking and storytelling. And the whole world needs to know about them.

Years of uncovering and celebrating low-budget films led to the publication of BLEEDING SKULL! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey (Headpress, 2013). Fangoria called it, “The go-to encyclopedia for trash, bizarre, and shot-on-video horror cinema.” VICE said it was, “like a fever dream glimpse into parallel worlds.” A few years later, BLEEDING SKULL! Video was founded with the help of Mondo, the art boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. This collaboration yielded eight home video releases, including Cards of Death, Scary Tales, and Blonde Death.

The BLEEDING SKULL! Video team worked with legendary exploitation filmmaker James Bryan (Don’t Go in the Woods, The Executioner, Part II) to complete Jungle Trap. Shot in 1990, the movie sat unfinished until its VHS/DVD and soundtrack release in 2017. The final collaboration between Bryan and the late Renee Harmon (Frozen Scream), the film is fueled by decapitations and a guy who just wants a scotch on the rocks.

Now BLEEDING SKULL! has teamed up with the American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) to release more low-budget obscurities and put them in front of new audiences. Films like The Soultangler and Blood Lake can now inspire and twist the brains of a new generation of trash-horror enthusiasts.

Still, there’s more work to do: BLEEDING SKULL! A 1990s Trash-Horror Odyssey will be published by Fantagraphics in 2020.

We will continue to mine the bottomless depths of the obscure and explore no-budget, backyard filmmaking that constantly shows us what is possible when you have a singular vision and the ambition to back it up. We thank you for coming along with us.


Joseph A. Ziemba
Founder, Writer, Designer, Producer

Annie Choi
Editor, Writer

Zack Carlson
Writer, Producer