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Directed by Doris Wishman

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    Night To Dismember, A (1983)

    Originally published in Bleeding Skull! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey. Doris Wishman’s gory experiment in necessity isn’t so much a misconstrued slasher as it is a boon to mankind. In the early…

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    Deadly Weapons (1974)

    After her boyfriend is ruthlessly snuffed by Harry Reems and his substantial mustache, Chesty Morgan, the “successful advertising executive,” stares through a sliding glass door. And weeps. The Saline tears cascade…

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    Double Agent ’73 (1975)

    God bless the day Doris Wishman met Chesty Morgan. Yeah! It’s the second Chesty and Doris number following Deadly Weapons! Chesty, who will do “whatever,” and Doris, whose mind is continually…

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    Immoral Three, The (1975)

    Chesty Morgan is dead. Long live Chesty Morgan. Green velvet curtains and exactly one fake potted plant adorn the world’s tiniest funeral parlor. In the center of the room, purple drapery…