Resurrection of Michael Myers Part 2, The (1989)

Were you looking for the movie where a blue faced Kung Fu zombie kicks Leatherface in the stomach? And then Leatherface pukes all over Jason Voorhees? Because that’s this movie. The Swedish short film epic The Resurrection Of Michael Myers Part 2. Not The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. That has a similar scene with Judi Dench and Bill Nighy but the context is different. And the zombie in that one doesn’t say “Hubba Bubba.”

At the start of this sequel to a film I’d never ever heard of, two hot women — correction, two hot, blonde, Swedish women — discuss a horror movie they’ve just seen. That’s not something that ever used to happen in my hometown of Rochester, NY. Sure, I’d see the occasional women talking about movies but nothing like this. Nothing so Swedish. Upon further rumination, I realized that this sort of thing (hot blondes discussing horror movies) must happen all the time in Sweden. In fact, it’s probably happening right now. I knew then that this film might be what I’d been looking for for years: a blueprint for a Life in which anything could happen.

So, I sat down and watched.

It’s Halloween. There is a big party going on at a hospital in Stockholm. I felt at home. I may be Polish but I have blond hair. I felt like I could belong there. Then, a mask of Michael Myers is discarded by a partygoer. Of its own volition, the mask disappears around a hospital corner… and MM appears! To kill! Again! Apparently! Since this is Part 2. Michael begins killing everyone. Well, everyone that a tag team Jason and Leatherface haven’t killed. Don’t ask where that Odd Couple came from. It’s not important. And there’s also that blue faced zombie running around. The one that says “Hubba Bubba”. No one in the hospital is safe. Anyone could die at any time. I appreciate the metaphor and I embrace it. Now, let’s see some bush.

Thank you, Stockholm. The city once named the “Bush Capital of Europe” four years in a row back in the mid-1970s. Two nurses lose their clothes when Leatherface and Jason attack them. Bush Party, Direct From Stockholm! This happens right before the kickass blue faced zombie Kung Fu fight I mentioned at the beginning. And, right around the time that we see a man carrying a stack of The Resurrection Of Michael Myers VHS tapes. Self-referential? Or is there no Part 1 and they’re just yanking my chain? I can’t tell. I wish I had some sort of easily accessible database to look up this information. But, I simply don’t have the time. Not when there’s bush around.

This film is a free-for-all where anything is possible. I used to dream of a book that had everything in it, all the knowledge of the Universe. I haven’t found the book but I almost found the movie. After 25 minutes and so close to containing everything I deem important in Life, this one ended. A man had skateboarded a bit. Another did some breakdancing. People are murdered whilst mugging for the camera. Acid is thrown in a man’s face. Arms are sawed off. VHS tapes are jammed in mouths. Cocaine is snorted off of boobs. There was a rap number, in English, over the closing credits. There was a man dressed as a woman grabbing a zombie’s ding dong. If only BJ & the Bear had shown up, then this would have truly had it all. Sadly, there are no chimps here. This film is not a home for chimps.

But, The Resurrection of Michael Myers Part 2 is a receptacle for some of the goofiest fun that Sweden has to offer me. And I loved it. If it were longer, I’d probably lose interest. But, it’s short and to the point. And I like that in a film. And in a bush. If I understood a word of Swedish (apart from Hubba Bubba, which is universal), the film would mean even more to me. A film doesn’t need to have everything to be great is what I learned here. I just need to know that they’re trying to do something more than just spewing back the same old stuff I’ve seen a thousand times. Between you and me, if Part 1 is this much fun, I’ll Take Sweden. (To quote the title of a Bob Hope film I’ve never seen that tells the story of Bob watching Anita Ekberg and Liv Ullmann discussing horror movies while nude).

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