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Bleeding Skull! Video was a collaboration with our friends at Mondo, the art boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse, that existed from 2014-17.

The Soultangler limited edition VHS was the second Bleeding Skull! Video release and can be purchased here.

The Soultangler was released on DVD by AGFA + Bleeding Skull in 2018 and can be purchased here.

Insane genius Dr. Anton Lupesky has worked in seclusion to develop the experimental drug Anphorium, which allows its user to inhabit any fresh corpse they wish. But this medical miracle has its price, as it transforms its user into a rabid maniac bent on the annihilation of our species. This epic of outsider filmmaking creates a unique, sometimes dreamlike suspension that’s punctuated with jarring moments of severe visceral hysteria. Though the actors are friends and in-laws and the sets are basements and garages, there’s an earnest devotion to truly unique storytelling that elevates THE SOULTANGLER beyond kitsch and into deeply unsettling territory. If H.P. Lovecraft rose from his grave in the late ’80s with a 16mm camera, ten severed heads, and a case of Schlitz, this would be the result.

Though it was produced on Long Island, The Soultangler was briefly released on VHS in Canada and Korea before disappearing completely. The BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO release of The Shoultangler marks the first release of the movie on home video in the United States.

Directed by Pat Bishow
90 minutes / 1987 / Color
Includes MINIMUM UNDERDRIVE #2, an exclusive ‘zine on The Soultangler.


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