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Directed by Ray Dennis Steckler

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    Blood Shack (1971)

    There’s a scene in Blood Shack where late filmmaker Ray Dennis Steckler’s kids play musical chair. Yes, that’s “chair” and not “chairs.” Because there’s only one chair. This is a perfect…

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    Las Vegas Serial Killer (1986)

    Originally published in Bleeding Skull! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey. No one photographs people jumping into pools, delivering pizzas, or staring at neon signs like Ray Dennis Steckler. In the 1960s, Steckler…

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    Thrill Killers, The (1964)

    Spending a few minutes with The Thrill Killers is like leafing through a vintage copy of Monster World in your parents’ attic, watching an old VHS of The Beatles on Ed…