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Directed by Jean Rollin

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    Zombie Lake (1981)

    Originally published in Bleeding Skull! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey. When people don’t show up for work in the United States, they get fired. No one is happy. When people don’t show…

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    Grapes Of Death, The (1978)

    In Laurel & Hardy’s Our Relations, Oliver Hardy says, “You can trust me insipidly.” It’s one of their most enduring puns and there’s a good reason why. Ten minutes into The…

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    Nude Vampire, The (1970)

    “Film critics are writers, and they are hostile and uneasy in the presence of a visual phenomenon.” That quote appears in Gregory Battock’s 1967 paperback, The New American Cinema. The speaker…

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    Iron Rose, The (1973)

    You can never be too patient. For the past fifty years, French trash dilettante Jean Rollin has steadily cultivated an obsession with breasts, pubes, and their respective placement within the canon…