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Directed by David “The Rock” Nelson

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    Frankenstein Stalks (2000)

    Narrator: “The Deadbeat Drive-In. A place where you’re always welcome — no one will bother you.” Dr. Wolf Von Frank: “Get that electricity…uh…set up. Get that antenna set up! I’m not…

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    Monster Tales (2002)

    David “The Rock” Nelson, flailing about in a Don Post “Tor Johnson” mask, finds himself entering a Chicago library. Inside, he terrorizes the employees, who are assembling an art exhibit. The…

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    Miss Werewolf (2001)

    Outside of the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, Janet Lynn (aka Miss Werewolf) looks into the camera and says: “I bet people think we’re nuts around here.” David “The Rock” Nelson…

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    Pumpkin Man Saga, The (2004)

    After his most gratuitous display of on-camera food devouring I’ve ever witnessed, David “The Rock” Nelson provides a disclaimer: “I don’t really eat like that, it’s just for comedy.” Well, that’s…