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David “The Rock” Nelson VHS

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    Frankenstein Stalks (2000)

    Narrator: “The Deadbeat Drive-In. A place where you’re always welcome — no one will bother you.” Dr. Wolf Von Frank: “Get that electricity…uh…set up. Get that antenna set up! I’m not…

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    Monster Tales (2002)

    David “The Rock” Nelson, flailing about in a Don Post “Tor Johnson” mask, finds himself entering a Chicago library. Inside, he terrorizes the employees, who are assembling an art exhibit. The…

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    Miss Werewolf (2001)

    Outside of the historic Music Box theater in Chicago, Janet peers into the camera and remarks, “I bet people think we’re nuts around here.” The Rock’s reply? “We’re proud to be…

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    Pumpkin Man Saga, The (2004)

    After his most gratuitous display of on-camera food devouring I’ve ever witnessed, David “The Rock” Nelson provides a disclaimer: “I don’t really eat like that, it’s just for comedy.” Well, that’s…