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AGFA + Something Weird Blu-ray

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    Another Son Of Sam (1977)

    This movie could be considered a proto-slasher. I prefer to consider it a rite of passage. Another Son of Sam is dirt-cheap “true crime” rip-off has no connection to Son Of…

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    Pretty Models All In A Row (1969)

    I’ve never been one of those guys who sits around the house in a sexy underwear-diaper. Until now. You know what’s great about Pretty Models All In A Row? Star Ed…

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    Zodiac Killer, The (1971)

    Pragmatic wisdom tells us that nothing is perfect. Maybe so, but then how do we account for Larry Clinton’s 1938 recording of “My Reverie”? Kurt Vonnegut’s Slapstick? Tom Hanson’s The Zodiac…

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    Legend Of Bigfoot, The (1976)

    The obsessions of mankind can run the gamut from healthy and prosperous to skewed and insane. Somewhere in the middle stands Ivan Marx, professional Bigfoot tracker. This is his story. Make…