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Bleeding Skull! Video was a collaboration with our friends at Mondo, the art boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse, that existed from 2014-17.

The Night Feeder limited edition VHS/DVD was the fourth Bleeding Skull! Video release. The VHS is out of print, but the DVD can be purchased here.

A hateful and massively enjoyable shot-on-video darkwave horror blast from the leather-clad armpits of the Bay Area. This gore-scarred, creature-fueled whodunnit culminates in one of the most rewarding slasher reveals in camcorder history, but the journey is every bit as powerful. Especially when the singer of coal-hearted goth-punk combo The Nuns stares directly into the camera and croons: “You SLIT your WRISTS. You fuckin’ BITCH.” A staggering celebration of drugs, fear and new wave rage, Night Feeder was completed at the tail end of San Francisco’s robust post-punk era and was only ever released on PAL-format VHS in Poland. Featuring effects that rival Hollywood’s best gore-monsterwork, it’s a nasal, vicious battle cry and one of the best homemade horror films you’ll ever see, hands down.

Shot in San Francisco by filmmakers James Gillerman, JoAnn Gillerman, and Jim Whiteaker, Night Feeder makes its North American home video debut with BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO.

Directed by Jim Whiteaker
95 minutes / 1988 / Color
Includes MINIMUM UNDERDRIVE #4, an exclusive ‘zine on Night Feeder, plus the filmmakers’ “Clone Baby” music video and Bleeding Skull! Video trailers.


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